Tuesday, May 31, 2011

3-SUM EATS - Mac 'n Cheese Spring Rolls

It seems that macaroni and cheese is making quite a comeback these days, and it's a far cry from the iconic blue box that lined the cupboards of Mom's pantry. Now chefs are adding gourmet meats and new twists to turn this comfort food into a culinary delight. I keep seeing variations of mac and cheese pop up around the trucks, so I decided to give the Mac 'n Cheese Spring Rolls from Ryan Scott at 3-SUM EATS a chance.

I always like to listen to what the people in front of me order, especially when the same item is repeated over and over. At 3-SUM EATS, person after person placed orders for this unusual take on mac and cheese.

The spring rolls come two per order, and they do indeed look like your normal, run of the mill appetizer found at every Chinese restaurant. They are about 6 inches long, thick, and sprinkled with a cornmeal coating. But the first bite tells you that they are not your oridnary spring rolls. They are filled with a gooey, cheesy pasta that simply delights.

I really enjoyed the crispiness of the shell contrasting the tenderness of the pasta. It was a nice blend of different textures. I liked the flavors of the cheese, and while I thought it could have been slightly saltier, it still had a nice finish. This is one item that must be shared, though, because they are really rich and heavy. And if the deep fried cheesiness isn't enough, it's served with a side of cheese fondue. Yes, fondue!

It's definitly a dish that stands out for its juxtaposition of comfort and quirkiness. It may not have me running back to get it week after week, but it's certainly something I would recommend as a "can't be missed" item.

Rating: 3/5 (ratings guide)

3-SUM EATS (@3sumeats) $6.00 for 2

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  1. That's on the top of my list to try next time. How's the cheese? Is it cheez wiz or real cheddar?

  2. The cheese is tasty! Real cheez, not cheez wiz, but I am not sure what the type of cheese is. Maybe gouda?


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