Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Curry Up Now - Deconstructed Samosa with Paneer

Today I enjoyed one of my favorite dishes from Curry Up Now – the Deconstructed Samosa with Paneer. I am fortunate, though my wallet is not, to have Curry Up Now parked just two blocks away from my work, so it’s always a consideration when I need grab take-away for lunch. Today was cold and rainy, and I thought to myself that something spicy would be just what I needed to get through the rest of the day.

Oftentimes CUN offers a special burrito in addition to their standard menu items. A few weeks ago it was the BCB (the Butter Chicken Burrito) and ever since I tried that I have been scouring their Twitter feed for when it will be offered again. Today they instead offered the Green Goan, (yes, GoaN and not GoaT) which is a burrito starring chicken vindaloo and saag paneer. Yum! But once again the tribulations of work made me late, and by the time I got there around 1 p.m. they were already sold out. I was disappointed because I had wanted to try it but was still content to order one of my favorites, the Deconstructed Samosa.

CUN has taken a well-known Indian snack, twisted it all around and inside-out and served it up as a whole meal. It has all the tastings and ingredients of a traditional samosa, but it’s not wrapped up into a neat little pocket. Instead, the filling sits on top of the shell and overflows with spicy goodness. The base is comprised of mashed potatoes, and it’s loaded with chana (chickpeas, onions and spices), chutneys (both spicy and sweet) and chopped tomatoes. They offer three choices of protein – paneer (a fresh cheese), chicken, or keema (ground Halal beef). I am a big fan of CUN’s paneer, which has a slight crisp to it, giving it a perfect texture. Like most of their other items the Deconstructed Samosa is a bit on the spicy side, but it’s never overpowering or strong enough to dull the other flavors. Instead, the spiciness is nicely juxtaposed with the sweetness of the chutney and the acidity of the tomatoes.

The shell of the samosa serves as the base for this dish, so digging deep will fill up your fork with a soft filling and a crunchy bite. Four mini samosas also decorate the corners of the container, giving it not only aesthetics, but also a different treat for the taste buds. There isn’t anything to not like about the Deconstructed Samosa with Paneer. It really is the whole package, and it was perfect for a drizzling day.

Rating: 4/5 (ratings guide)

Curry Up Now (@curryupnow) $6.00 per order.

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