Friday, May 13, 2011


I suppose I had two inspirations for creating this blog. The first was Roli Roti - a rotisserie food truck that spends its Thursday afternoons dishing out amazing Porchetta sandwiches to salivating customers who queue up for upwards of an hour to get their hands on these delectable treats. The second was my husband, who for weeks now has told me blog about my experience as I travel from food truck to food truck, sampling their wares and recounting to him my discoveries. "You should blog about it," he encouraged me, citing the lack of such a site devoted to emerging mobile food market here in the Bay Area.

So here goes my experiment!

My goal is to try every dish from every truck here in the Bay Area. I suppose this will pose somewhat of a challenge since there is only so much I can eat in one sitting while still savouring all of the intricate flavours of a dish. But I am not constraining myself to do this in any time period, but rather, I am making this an enjoyable discovery of all the mobile food world has to offer. Plus, it will help me shed my annoying habit of always ordering the same dish when I return to a cart I like. It will force me to try new things! And these things I will bring to you.

Welcome, and I hope you enjoy reading enough to go out and visit some of these carts yourselves.

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