Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One Becomes Two

Hi Everyone! This is Brian, Liz's husband. Thanks for checking out I Left My Cart in San Francisco and enjoying all the great street food this city has to offer!

Since keeping up with the review portion of the site is a full-time job by itself, and we're not yet rich enough to making blogging Liz's only gig, we've decided to make this blog a two-person show.

Some notes:

  • I will be keeping the technical side of things running and also posting any interesting news items about the SF street food scene.
  • Liz will continue to do what she does best, and that's enjoy all the yummy food truck cuisine and tell you about it! Yes, I'm jealous.
  • The blog is still in "beta" for now while we figure out some design elements and whatnot. Thanks for putting up with the construction noise.
  • We're trying to work our way through some problems with commenting on posts. If you have problems leaving a comment, please let me know via email. You can also post on our Facebook page or shoot us a tweet.
We hope you're enjoying the site so far. Thanks for supporting us and San Francisco food trucks!

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