Saturday, May 14, 2011

Onigilly - Miso Tuna

From the Onigilly website: Onigilly [Oh-Knee-Ghee-Lee] is traditional Japanese food made with brown rice and gourmet filling wrapped with seaweed.

I like to think of them as little bundles of yummy fun!

When I arrived at Off the Grid on Haight street last Thursday I was super hungry, and this was the first cart in my line of sight. Plus there was no line. Those two factors made me rush right over. I have seen this cart before and have always been intrigued by the traditional Japanese snack food.

They had three items on the menu this evening: Spicy Tuna, Miso Tuna and Hijiki (Vegan). For me it was a toss up between the two tunas and I asked the guy taking orders which one was better. He told me they were both good, but that he liked the Miso Tuna better. I took his advice and ordered one of those. Within seconds it was delivered to me in a small, white cardboard box and I observed my little prize.

My Onigilly was a seaweed shaped like a triangle, stuffed with rice with tuna poking out over the top. My first bite was delicious, with the flavour of miso hitting my tongue and blending perfectly with the saltiness of the seaweed. The tuna was very subtle and was in no way too "fishy." It was a perfect blend of flavors and textures and from that first bite I was hooked. In the spirit of sharing I gave bites to my husband and son, but the Onigilly are not that big and so I wasn't left with much of a snack after they sampled it. Still, it left a lasting impression on me, and when I went to queue up later on in the evening at another truck, I snuck around first to Onigilly for my second one of the evening. And this time I didn't share!

While they only bring a small selection each day their menu is quite extensive, and I just realised they have their cart Monday-Friday during lunch at Justin Herman Plaza which is a few blocks away from my work. Dangerous! I could probably eat here every day, with perhaps a smattering of Curry Up Now and Roli Roti thrown into the mix. Yes, it's that good! I can't wait to try the salmon and also the garlic bacon, because really, one can never go wrong with bacon.

My only criticism would be that at $3.00 each it could get kind of expensive to have a full lunch. However, they offer two boxes for lunchtime which may be at a reduced price. I'll check it out next week.

Onigilly (@onigilly) $3 per snack

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Does reading this make you want to try this vendor? Tell them that you saw them at I Left My Cart in San Francisco and support San Francisco street cuisine!

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