Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hapa Ramen Celebrates First Anniversary By Showing Us a Thing or Two

Hapa Ramen is really going all out for its one year anniversary. There's a pop-up at Tartine on Monday, a pork-loaded kit for sale that would make any father happy (hint hint), and a $1 off special from 10-11 AM on all ramen at Thursday's Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market (plus a surprise after that). Now news comes via Twitter that the unconventional noodle stand is unveiling yet another anniversary goodie: cooking classes!

That's right. For $50 you can channel your inner Richie Nakano this Saturday at 11 AM and learn how to make all aspects of ramen stocks, noodles, toppings, and flavorings. Space is limited, but it's only the first of several planned sessions.

Congratulations on the first anniversary, Hapa Ramen! It's great to see that things have come a long way since Coffee Bar (yes, that was pre-launch, we know) and that we all get to share in the celebration.

Hapa Ramen (@haparamen)

Via: Twitter

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