Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's Called Bacon Bacon. What Were You Expecting?

See our interview with owner Jim Angelus and the Bacon Bacon preview here!

There are food trucks with clever names, like Curry Up Now and 3-SUM EATS. And then there are the trucks with no-nonsense names, like Sam's ChowderMobile. Now Inside Scoop SF writes that Jim Angelus, former GM at E&O, is going to hit us over the head and knock us senseless with Bacon Bacon.

Set to officially premiere in July at Off the Grid, it's not hard to guess what the black S.W.A.T. truck of pork assault is going to feed the public. Start with a pork belly and fried egg sandwich, and follow it up with the L.G.B.T, which has lettuce, goat cheese, bacon and tomato. There's a pork meatball banh mi and, of course, a Bacon Bacon Burger. Fries come out of the fryer with rosemary and sage and topped with parmesan cheese with the optional (yeah, right) fried pork belly trimmings. I'll leave it up to you to figure out what a "bouquet of bacon" is.

Bacon Bacon (@baconbaconsf)

Via: Inside Scoop SF

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