Thursday, June 30, 2011

Munch India to Bring Flavors of North India

In our opinion, there can never be too many dining options on Bay Area streets, and the exploration of regional ethnic cuisine is where the food truck platform really shines. Enter soon to be launched Munch India, a new truck serving up Lucknow and Delhi dishes starting in July from caterer and author Diana Afroza.

While San Francisco already has several mobile vendors dishing out Indian fare, Afroza says that Munch India will have a unique twist. "Unlike some other Indian food trucks that are currently operating in the Bay Area," she says, "Munch India is a truck that will serve authentic regional dishes from India mainly from the northern regions Lucknow and Delhi of the Mughal period."

The initial menu features Aloo Bharwan, a Kolkata Shahi Keema Sandwich, Chicken Tikka Masala and Masala Chole, the last two served with Saffron Pulao. Dishes such as Murgh Musallam, Goat Rezala, Galawati Kabab, Nargisi Kabab and Kundan Kaliyan are a few of the authentic dishes that will later make their way onto the truck.

In addition, Chef Afroza strictly follows the Oudhi tradition of Dum Pukht, or "slow oven." It involves placing the ingredients in a container and cooking over a very low fire, which retains the meat's juices. She uses this technique to prepare dishes such as Awadhi Dum Biriyani, Dum Aloo Awadhi and Yakhni Biriyani, just to name a few.

"I firmly believe in serving my customers fresh and mouthwatering dishes that never fall short on flavor," Afroza says.

Operating out of a commissary in Berkeley, Munch India will initially serve Alameda County but is planning to serve locations in San Francisco soon.

Also for sale during launch week will be Afroza's cookbook, Flavors of Mirch Masala. A compilation of Noth Indian and Bengali recipes, the book also tells of Afroza's culinary journey as an Indian chef and caterer.

It's great to see mobile vendors offering cuisine that often gets overlooked due to restaurant start-up costs or the inability to reach a large audience. As the truck's slogan says, "Munch Away!"

Munch India (@munchindia)

Image credit: Munch India / Used with permission

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