Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Update on SF Underground Market Shutdown

Iso Rabins posted an update on the forageSF blog regarding the SF Underground Market shutdown on June 11.

He writes that at the heart of the matter is the health department's belief, with the market now selling to over 1200 people per event, is no longer a private club even with the membership requirements. If the market is reclassified as a public event, then all the food sold will have to be produced in a commercial kitchen.

Is the city getting pressure from state regulators? forageSF has requested a meeting with the city attorney to suss out how the market can safely stay a private event. The market has also been investigating setting up communal commercial kitchen space for food entrepreneurs.

Like so many other things innovative and paradigm-shifting, San Francisco finds itself knee-deep in the middle of the cottage food industry fight. If the SF Underground Market is to remain one of the best ways to get a small food business launched, then it's going to take some hard effort from everyone. Click the Via link to read the full post and see how you can get involved.

SF Underground Market (@foragesf)

Via: forageSF

Image credit: Leon Wong (liyu01) / flickr / Creative Commons 2.0

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