Friday, July 15, 2011

Do You Know Your Street Food?

Thanks to an idea from reader Natalie Parker, we are having a contest! To mark the posting of our album of glorious food from our first two months on the web, we want to see how good our readers are at recognizing their street food. You have to be on Google+ to participate. If you aren't, send us an email, and if we have extra invites we'll hook you up.

  1. Very important: Add us on Google Plus.
  2. Go to the album "Food Glorious Food." There are 98 pictures of dishes Liz has eaten so far.
  3. Leave a comment on each photo with the name and vendor for each dish.
  4. You'll get 1 point each for correct vendor and dish. That's 2 points total per photo.
  5. Natalie and Ryan Cooper get 3 free points each to start. It pays to be an early adopter!
  6. The contest ends at 11:59PM on Friday, July 22.
  7. The person with the most points will win something. I don't know what yet.
Hint: all of the dishes have appeared on the website, though not necessarily the particular photo. It's a good excuse to get caught up on all the reviews you haven't read yet. Some of the photos are in the Facebook album, which has descriptions for everything, so go there and take a look.

Good luck!

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