Sunday, July 3, 2011

First McCoppin Theme Night Brings the Heat

Despite more than a year between posts, the Off the Grid blog is indeed still being updated. While Liz and I have decided to go on vacation this holiday weekend (but we're doing research too... really!) and had to miss the first McCoppin theme night, there is a wonderful little rundown of Hot Food/Cold Nights, complete with spiciness ratings, and the five trucks that served theme dishes.

Who had the hottest offering? Was it Little Green Cyclo and their Spicy Grilled Pork Patty Banh Mi? How about Toasty Melts with their Papa-rizo? Also on the tasting menu was Tomkat's Korean Duk Bok Ki, Chaac Mool's Chiles Gueros Rellenos con Chimole de Res and Senor Sisig's Lechon Kawali Noodle Salad. Click the Via link for the hot scoop.

Off the Grid (@sfcarts)

Via: Off the Grid

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