Friday, July 1, 2011

Iso Rabins Encourages Us to Remember the Vendors

forageSF founder Iso Rabins does not want all the conversation regarding the San Francisco Underground Market shutdown to be about the Health Department. Because food handling laws, cease and desist, public versus private and consumer safety isn't what what the market is all about. Rabins wants us to remember the people.

"What we should be focusing on," he writes in his blog, "are the people who create this food, how they have started, and where they are now." And that's what the market is all about: people. People with big dreams of becoming food entrepreneurs but don't have the big capital to make it any other way. People who rely on the market to prove their concept before taking it to the world.

With that in mind, Rabins asked Underground Market vendors to share their stories about what the market means to them, their businesses, their passions, and their futures. In the first of what will hopefully be a running feature on the forageSF blog, he shares three of them. Read them at the Via link.

SF Underground Market (@foragesf)

Via: forageSF

Image credit: Leon Wong (liyu01) / flickr / Creative Commons 2.0

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