Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Off the Grid St. Mary's Square Soft Launch

Monday was the soft launch for the newest Off the Grid event, at St. Mary's Square on the border between Chinatown and the Financial District. As many of you know, my full-time job is in the FiDi, so I have a particular interest in this new lunchtime spot! Now it's just a quick walk up California and I'll be able to find some of my favorite trucks! I was very excited when I first heard about it, but unfortunately I had an appointment which prevented me from attending Monday's event. Luckily, my frequent lunch companion and colleague John went to check it out, take some pictures and try something new from one of the four trucks.

Off the Grid lists the gathering as being at St. Mary's Square between Kearny and Pine, but it's actually closer to Grant than Kearny, in a small alleyway. John gave me the hint to take the garage elevator to the sixth floor, and that will let you out right by the trucks. Yesterday's event included four trucks: Toasty Melts, Fins on the Hoof, Senor Sisig and Eat Curbside. There were not huge crowds of people, but it was still well attended, and I am fairly certain that its popularity will grow in the forthcoming week. What is interesting, however, is an agreement with the city which restricts "Asian vendors" from this particular event due to the close proximity to Chinatown.

So what did he eat? A Cali Burrito from Senor Sisig, and he thought it was fantastic! (I agree) I guess Filipino isn't considered Asian...

The official launch of the St. Mary's Square Off the Grid will be lunchtime on Monday, August 1 and should include five trucks. My schedule is clear, so come look for me as I will be happily munching away on what is sure to be some yummy food!

Off the Grid (@sfcarts)

All photos by John W. / I Left My Cart in San Francisco

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