Friday, August 5, 2011

Pizza Hacker and Soup to Nuts Announce Closures

The FrankenWeber (Photo credit: reidspice/flickr/CC2.0)
Jeff Krupman, better known as the Pizza Hacker, was served a cease and desist notice last night by the San Francisco Health Department and will no longer be running his pop-up pizzeria on the streets of San Francisco. He cited on his Twitter
stream that he was reported to authorities by another unnamed local business while serving pies on Thursday night outside Bloodhound on Folsom Street. "Just neighboring biz complaining," the tweet read. "Not a big surprise. Live by the sword..."

This marks the end of public appearances for the Hacker's FrankenWeber, the mobile 1000-degree wood-burning pizza oven converted from the ever-popular Weber charcoal grill, which can bake a pie in about two minutes. He noted, however, that he is still available for catering gigs, so all is not lost. No word on if he still plans to sell the approximately $1000 FrankenWebers via his website.

This follows the news that Patrick Bostwick, aka Soup to Nuts, was also shut down by the health department on Tuesday. The Gordon Ramsay-trained soupmonger, who instead of selling his organic soup traded bowls of it for a $5 donation and handed out soup to the homeless for free, believes that the authorities were tipped off to his spot at 21st and Valencia by a local business owner.

While he will no longer be selling on the streets, Bostwick will still be making soup and more for delivery and as a personal chef, as well as offering classes on cooking, knife skills and basic technique.

Both Bostwick and Krupman prepared their food at home, instead of at a commercial kitchen as required by law. This mirrors the shut down of the San Francisco Underground Market in June, though Underground Market founder Iso Rabins is working on a plan to open a communal kitchen to bring the independent vendors at the market under compliance.

UPDATE: Pizza Hacker is back in business with a pop-up gig at Vinyl, though he is using the ovens there and not the FrankenWeber.

Pizza Hacker (@PizzaHacker)
Soup to Nuts (@SoupToNutsSF)

Via: Twitter and SFoodie

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