Friday, September 9, 2011

Recent News and Vacation

If you are a loyal reader of this website, you may be wondering why the publishing frequency has been pretty low lately. Have Liz and Brian run out of money? Is this site no longer any fun? Are they sick and tired of street food?!?

Not to worry, all is well, though this dry spell may last for a little bit longer. I'm transitioning between jobs right now, our son just started preschool and Brian has been dealing with an Exchange migration at his work. Not only that, but we're on vacation in Boston without a reliable Internet connection right now.

Even though it's difficult to post to Blogger from the road, we do have our smartphone for Twitter updates. Follow us at @ileftmycartinsf for our street food tweets. We'be been taking notes on our food truck adventures, too, so we may surprise you with a post or two.

This state of affairs won't last long. We'll be back with more street food news and reviews very soon!

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