Saturday, October 8, 2011

Brunch Box Gets Stolen by a Bandit

With respects to the Bard, if a rose by any other name would smell as sweet then Pork Belly Hash from any other name would taste just as divine. Brunch Box, the San Francisco truck that launched in July with a mission to pair gourmet coffee from local shops with innovative takes on mid-morning fare, will be relaunching at the end of October as Bandit.

According to the Brunch Box blog, the name change was brought on by a legal dispute with another Bay Area company. That matter is now considered settled. Today's service at Ritual marks the last one with the current name.

The upside is that Bandit will be able to distance itself a little more from the association with brunch items. While the partnership with Ritual will continue and the focus will remain on dishing out a great brunch, the truck started by Eric Rud, Guillermo Perez and Caroline Hummer will also be looking to expand its lineup of savory sandwiches on weekdays. In addition, they want to partner up with local bars and serve some beer-friendly cuisine. It's a move they were heading towards, anyway, as we've seen evening appearances at Off the Grid with menu items known as "Drunch."

According to Hummer, the choice of the name "Bandit" symbolizes the anything-goes spirit of the people involved with the truck. "We wanted a name that reflected the awesome lawless activities of the characters on the truck," she said, referring to both the ones working both on the design and inside the kitchen. "We went through Renegade, Bootleggers and many more to get to Bandit. I like the 'outlaw on the run' association that comes with the word Bandit."

The design of the truck will remain largely the same, with just the modification of the logo on the side of it.

Hopefully the change to Bandit will put the name controversy behind the outfit. When the truck's launch was announced the owner of the Brunch Box cart in Portland took issue with the name, though ultimately that is not what prompted this move. Rud and Hummer are both former operators of Chairman Bao, which has a brouhaha with New York restaurateur Eddie Huang over its name.

But all that is in the past, or at least it will be. Come Halloween, the truck formerly known as Brunch Box will have its Bandit mask on and be looking to steal some taste buds.

Fogcutter (@fogcuttersf)

Via: Bandit Truck

Updated 10/10/2011

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