Monday, October 31, 2011

Eat Curbside - Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Today we turn our attention to the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. This is the sort of item that shows up as a special on a fast food restaurant menu every so often, so attractive in the advertisements but so frequently disappointing in person. You know the tale: the limp hamburger bun encasing the microwaved chicken patty smothered in "Buffalo" sauce with unidentifiable white cheese and wilted lettuce. And yet the idea of a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich holds so much promise that when I came across Eat Curbside's offering, I needed to find out if my salvation had finally arrived.

The Buffalo Chicken Sandwich from Eat Curbside starts with a chicken breast coated in breadcrumbs with Buffalo seasoning, which is then fried. It is nicely moist and satisfyingly crunchy, with bold peppery flavor throughout. The seasoning isn't overwhelmingly spicy, though, so it's safe for the heat-adverse. It's just a good peppery taste that stays with you with every bite of the sandwich.

Topping the chicken is a leaf of lettuce and then a generous helping of bleu cheese. It is sharp, stinky, creamy and absolutely delicious. The fact that the Buffalo seasoning is achieved without resorting to the use of a sauce is absolutely key here because it keeps the cheese dry and unmasked. Eating the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich from Eat Curbside is a remarkably clean affair, which is quite a welcome occurrence when you're eating from a food truck on the side of the road.

Enclosing it all is a Mexican bolio (or bolillo) roll, which is sort of like a Mexican baguette. The crust has a nice loud crunch to it, but the interior is very soft. At times it feels like the ratio of chicken to bread is tilted a bit too much to the bread side, but the roll has such character that it's not a bad thing. Even though the chicken itself is very moist, taken as a whole with the bread and cheese a some bites can be drier than others.

Like their other sandwiches, Eat Curbside offers the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich with either fries or a salad. Both options are very good, though the fries tend to sell out faster.

Make no mistake, this sandwich is no fast food burger alternative, and the secret is in the selection of quality ingredients throughout. The Buffalo Chicken Sandwich isn't often featured on Eat Curbside's menu, but it would be a welcome sight if it were.

Rating: 4/5 (ratings guide)

Eat Curbside (@eatcurbside) $8.00 per sandwich

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