Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bacon Bacon Comes Full Circle

What a year it has been for Bacon Bacon and owner Jim Angelus. The July launch of the big black SWAT truck of pork goodness was one of the most anticipated food truck launches in San Francisco this year. And after all the crowds, the YouTube sensation and inspired fashion choices, Angelus and company are returning to their brick and mortar roots by setting up shop in part of what was Ashbury Market in the Haight.

While expanding into the wheel-free world is a goal for many food truck owners, this move isn't uncharted territory to Angelus, the former General Manager at E&O Trading Company. He traded in that grind for a set of food truck keys so he could spend more time with his wife and young daughter. 

A happy Jim Angelus celebrating the big
news and a recent birthday at Off the Grid
"We had a baby, and in the restaurant business you're working late nights," Angelus told us shortly before the truck launched. "The ultimate goal once we are all set up here is to go into a lunch business—breakfast, lunch and one night a week so I can be home more."

Now, it seems, the stationary world is too tempting to stay away from.

The truck, thankfully, isn't going away while selling bacon-enhanced take-away items from the new permanent location. As a matter of fact, Angelus said that the space will be used as a commissary for the Bacon Bacon truck, and they'll share the storefront with Three Babes Bakeshop. Breakfast and lunch food are planned. What makes the location at 205 Frederick Street great (aside from its proximity to Off the Grid Haight) is the short distance to Angelus' home. And what chef-parent wouldn't want that commute?

Look for Bacon Bacon brick and mortar sometime around Thanksgiving week.

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