Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bacon Bacon - The Burger

I am usually the one who is late to the party, but when there is a bacon party to be had, I am first in line. Bacon has been  a favorite food of mine ever since childhood, so I like to eat it as much as possible. When Bacon Bacon had their soft launch last year, I was in that first group of people waiting to get my hands on their porcine offerings. Since then, I have eaten at Bacon Bacon a bunch of times, but I hadn't tried their burger until recently. It was so great the first time, it had me coming back for more!

It's no secret that I am a huge fan of Bacon Bacon, and I especially adore their Almost Veggie sandwich. There are times when I think I like it too much, because it's the only thing I ever want to order. The downside is that it keeps me from trying something new, hence why that is the only dish of theirs I have ever written about! I am often asked for food truck recommendations, and I frequently endorse Jim Angelus's truck because I think there is truly something everyone can enjoy. At least everyone who eats pork, that is (and for those who don't, everything can be made without bacon, too). It's that good.

When a colleague of mine asked me which truck he should visit during an Off the Grid event, I suggested that he try Bacon Bacon since he hadn't been there before. When I went over later in the day to ask how he liked it, I saw half of a burger still in its container, and before I could even ask he exclaimed, "That was the best burger ever!" It was so good, in fact, that he wanted to save half of it so that he could continue enjoying it later in the day. Well, that level of enthusiasm piqued my interest, and I made it my goal to resist ordering the Almost Veggie and instead get my hands on one of these Bacon Bacon double cheeseburgers.

Fast forward to a few days later, and I went to Bacon Bacon with only one thing on my mindto try that burger! I ordered mine with their Parmesan Herb Fries (which I love), and with high expectations I dug right in. With every bite that I took, I remarked to my son, "Oh my gosh, this really is the best burger ever!" He agreed that it was indeed a fine burger, constantly asking me for more bites despite him being an In-N-Out diehard.

First off, this burger is huge. It's two large beef patties, smothered with cheddar cheese, topped with thick slices of bacon and finished with a mound of sauteed onions. And because beef, bacon and cheese doesn't have enough fat, they also slather it with a mayo-type topping. It's absolute pure decadence, nestled between a buttery, crisp brioche roll. The patties were cooked well-done, but they were still very moist and didn't lack for any flavor; even on their own they were well-seasoned and tasty. The bacon slices were smoky, thick and crispy, and while a great highlight, didn't overpower or control the burger. What I loved most was the bits of cheddar cheese that had melted and crisped-up around the edges of my sandwich. The onions were sweet and soft, and they really brought out the flavor of the meat. All of the components blended nicely together. It was a messy, juicy delight of a sandwich.

The first time I had the burger I, against the advice of my husband, ate the whole thing, along with a side of fries. It was just that good that despite my filling tummy, I couldn't stop myself from eating it. Soon after I was in bacon coma, wishing I had heeded Brian's earlier advice. The second time around I was a little bit smarter and immediately cut my burger in half before I started eating, thereby minimizing any temptation to down the whole thing. Coupled with the fries, half was perfect. I had the rest for lunch the next day, and I felt a little less guilty for eating a meal where the only vegetable was caramelized onions.

As always, the french fries were a perfect accompaniment. They were crisp on the outside, soft and buttery on the inside, a bit on the salty side (which I always love), and topped with herbs and parmesan cheese. I keep hoping that one day Jim and crew will do a special version of bacon poutine, because I think that these fries would be perfect for that. How about it, Bacon Bacon? Until then, I am content to eat them the way they are.

Since there are so many food truck options out there, I find myself writing about a dish after I have only had it one time, and if I really enjoyed it, I sometimes question if the second time will be just as good. My bacon double cheeseburger is a great example of something that was equally as good, if not better, than when I had it the first time. Hats off for consistency, and my praise to Bacon Bacon for delivering one of the best burgers I have ever had.

Rating: 4.5/5 (ratings guide)

Bacon Bacon (@baconbaconsf) $8 for the burger, $3 for the fries

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