Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mission Dispatch is SF's Newest Food Truck Meet Up

With the number of food truck gatherings popping up, I am convinced that you could probably eat both lunch and dinner at a food truck in a different location in the city and not repeat the same place twice in one week. And you know what, I love it! I am always super excited to hear about a new meet up because that means more exposure for the vendors and a whole new audience that gets to experience what San Francisco's lovely trucks have to offer. The latest to start is called Mission Dispatch, and it's located in a small courtyard in Portero Hill at 19th and Bryant.

The grand opening of Mission Dispatch occurred Tuesday this week, and the trucks on hand were Bacon Bacon, Pacific Puffs and Seoul on Wheels. This event was important not only for the market's debut, but also because Eat St. was filming their segment on Bacon Bacon. I left work with one of my colleagues, and we ventured down to enjoy lunch on a beautiful spring day. An added bonus was that Andrew and Chris from Stiches n Dishes were there, up here in the city on a weeklong Bay Area food truck road trip. Luckily they caught us in the middle of some good weather. They were filming their segment for Eat St., as well. I always love it when I get to meet fellow bloggers in real life, and both of them were super cool!

Since Mission Dispatch is not quickly accessible by public transit (at least not a train or bus by my work), my colleague and I had to drive. When I first saw the location I thought it was going to be an easy-peasey parking situation, but I was in for a surprise! It actually took us over 20 minutes to find parking, which was kind of a drag. That aside, the location is a good one, as the area is a mix of both residential and commercial properties. My guess is that they will get a lot of visitors from the businesses in the area. The space is a small lot adjacent to the building that shares a wall with KQED and can fit three trucks at a service. It is the brainchild of Bob Wilms, Development Director of The New Black and Mission Dispatch, who started this venture as a way of building community around his contemporary furniture gallery. They plan to have trucks Monday through Friday for lunch service, with a future goal of also hosting special events.

The space is quite nice. It is quiet and secluded, and they set up some picnic tables and chairs, so it was easy to eat lunch. Since I was filming a segment for Eat St., the producers told me to get the Belly from Bacon Bacon and talk about it. My colleague had their cheeseburger, and we shared an order of fries. Before I started eating I had my eyes on Pacific Puffs because they are so good, but by the end of lunch I was stuffed full of Jim Angelus's pork bellylicious creation. There wasn't a large crowd there at the grand opening because I don't think it's been widely publicized yet, but I imagine that they will start to see more action in the forthcoming weeks once people learn about the new meet up.

Mission Dispatch (@missiondispatch)
1975 Bryant Street, between 19th and 20th
Hours: Monday - Friday, 11am - 2pm

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