Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Brings Sun, Sand and Sanguchon

Today was the final day of Eat St. filming, so we headed out to Sanguchon to begin our Mother's Day celebration. Sanguchon, the Peruvian food truck of owner chef Carlos Altamirano, was doing a special lunch time service for the taping in the parking lot of his Michelin star restaurant, La Costanera, located on Highway One in Montara. In celebration of this event, they were giving away sandwiches to the first 50 people to show up for lunch. They didn't have a full menu, but they were offering two of their best, Lomo Saltado and Pan con Chicharron.

We arrived shortly after noon, and after checking in with the television crew, I met up with Eric, the Director of Operations at La Costanera. We chatted about the food truck, the popularity of the restaurant (especially for weddings) and some thoughts on what the future might hold for expansion. Currently the parking lot adjacent to the restaurant belongs to the city, which means that La Costanera can't open for lunch, but that they were hoping to find some alternative space for parking to change that in the future. Though the weather started off a tad bit chilly and windy, a decent amount of people showed up, and they all seemed to be enjoying the great Peruvian food from Sanguchon.

We chose to get two Lomo Saltado sandwiches, but then Eat St. told Brian that they wanted to profile additional dishes, so the truck made him a Criollo sandwich. As he prepared to talk, I had a minor disaster with my son spilling Chica Moradaa Peruvian purple corn beverageon my new white pants. Luckily, Eric had a Tide stick handy, but after that, I decided only Brian could be on camera. Still, he was the better choice as he knows all about Peruvian food and told the cameras about the sandwhiches, the history of the restaurant, and all about the cuisine of Peru. Besides its great tasty food, what is Sanguchon's big claim to fame? It's the only food truck in the United States that is run by a chef who also owns a Michelin star restaurant. A Michelin star is awarded not only for food, but service, integrity, and atmosphere, so that kind of attention to detail puts Altamirano in a pretty exclusive club. And the same quality behind La Costanera goes into Sanguchon.

After we wolfed down our sandwiches and Inca Kolas, we said our thank you's and good-bye's and headed off to spend the rest of Mother's Day in downtown Half Moon Bay. It was a fantastic day, and we hope that all the Moms out there also enjoyed their special day too! I know I did.

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