Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Our Bites from the 2012 San Francisco Street Food Festival, Part II

If I had to choose my favorite way to spend a day, eating for the entire length of it would probably come in somewhere near the top. So needless to say, attending the San Francisco Street Food Festival ranks high of my list of things I enjoy doing. This year I was armed with an empty tummy and pocketfuls of La Cocina Monopoly money, and I had a plan of attack. Above all else, I wanted to try Slanted Door's fried chicken. And in my quest to find the chicken, I enjoyed many other delicious treats along the way.

The hardest thing about festivals is that my eyes are absolutely bigger than my stomach. I think I can eat a lot, and so I go from booth to booth buying everything that catches my eye. But in reality I fill up quite quickly, and I am never able to try everything that I want to. Luckily I did at least manage to eat a fair amount. Here are some of my favorites:

Mozzeria's big plate offering was called La Mia Oca Burrata. This yummy creating, which literally melted in my mouth, was a hand-pulled fresh mozzerella stuffed with a creamy ricotta. Cheese stuffed with cheese! It was garnished with cherry tomatoes, drizzled in basil oil and balsamic vinegar and served atop crispy crostini. It was just marvelous!

I first fell in love with Pinx's Sweet Potato Waffle at last year's food festival, so I already knew what to expect. I waited all day to get this, and again it didn't disappoint. The waffle is dense and hot, and it's topped with whip cream and caramel. I really wish this could be my Sunday morning breakfast every week!

I have developed quite an addicted to the Chin-Chin from Chiefo's Kitchen, so I was happy to finally meet the woman behind the food. Chef Chiefo gave me a bag and started my day off with a smile. Fans can find Chin-Chin at the Ferry Building at the La Cocina kiosk. Trust me, you will eat the entire bag in one sitting, so buy a few!

I was curious about Hella Vegan Eats's Pad Thai Spring Roll because I am a big fan of both Pad Thai and Spring Rolls, so I figured a combination would be the best of both worlds. I will admit I was a little skeptical over the whole "vegan" thing, but I really enjoyed my small bite. It was crispy and flavorful, and the filling was fresh. 

When I left my house it was cold and misty, so I arrived at the festival in three layers and a vest. Really, what was I thinking? In all of those clothes I was promptly hot and parched, and this Mint Lemonade from Heirloom Cafe really hit the spot!

My son's favorite stop was at the Peas of Mind car, where he oogled the car and then fondled all of the packaged food that was displayed in the trunk. A La Cocina graduate, Peas of Mind serves up healthy frozen food for kids, and they are a local San Francisco based business. 

I am always on the lookout for fried chicken, and while this Fried Chicken with Sriracha Butter from Slanted Door was the longest wait for me, it was well worth it! It was piping hot, juicy, with crispy, salty skin and a kick from the butter. It was so deliciious I even went to Slanted Door in hopes of getting it again for lunch. Alas, it is not on their menu. It should be! 

I am a big fan of jerky, and Little Red Dot Kitchen had quite the assortment, all with a Southeast Asian Twist. I was hooked on the Spicy Chipotle Beef Bak Kwa and my son devoured his BBQ Turkey Bak Kwa. Because of the spices they were a bit messy, but we happily licked our fingers and dug back into the bag (it's okay - we're family!).

I ended my day of eating with the Brazilian Cheese Bread from Kika's Treats. It's cheesey and gooey and has this interesting texture that sort of bounces in your mouth. I tried making this at home a few weeks ago, but it paled in comparison. Kika's Cheese Bread is also the most perfect accompaniment to...

... the Spicy Paloma from Rye on the Road! I waited all day for this, and it was the best way to finish up. I grabbed my drink, nestled in between a group of hipsters who spent at least 20 minutes compalining about their friends, and recollected all of my favorite highlights of the day. Cheers!

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