Monday, November 5, 2012

The return of Off the Grid Front/Vallejo

I am happy to report that today was the re-launch of Off the Grid at Front and Vallejo - a location that is just a few blocks away from me, and also close to both FiDi and North Beach. And this time it's even bigger and better than before! The new location will be open during lunch three times a week, and will have 3-4 trucks for your dining pleasure.

This location was shut down a few months ago due to permitting restrictions, but fortunately for me and other food truck lovers, Off the Grid was finally given permission to park here during lunch. At today's event there was a decent size crowd which was nice to see. Let's face it, there aren't too many restaurants for a quick bite around here, so having OTG come for lunch three times a week is giving many people lots of variety. Today's selection included Sanguchon, Hapa SF, The Fish Tank, Cheese Gone Wild and Cookie Time Truck who was giving out free cookies to the first 300 visitors.

Will power has never been a strong point of mine, and it was super hard to walk away without actually getting anything for lunch, but I have dinner reservations with friends tonight and I can't eat out twice in one day. At least I have my cookie for a decadent treat after my lunchtime salad which I brought from home. However, I did convince a colleague of mine to try Sanguchon, and while I couldn't sway him on (my favorite) Lomo Saltado, he did get then Pan con Cicharron (sans onions).

"The sandwich was very tasty," said Andrew Meadows, Brand Ambassador of The Online 401k.  "The yams added a bit of sweetness to complement the savory of the pork and mildly spicy aioli."

Off the Grid will be at Front and Vallejo every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from  11am - 2 pm, and as always, check their Twitter and sign up for their email list to get updates on which trucks will be where. And if you eat too much, there are always the Filbert Street Steps up to Coit Tower just a few blocks away to help you burn off some calories!

Off the Grid (@otgsf)

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