Friday, November 9, 2012

Voodoo Van - The Cocksman

The return of Off the Grid to the Front and Vallejo street location means that I once again have food trucks only a few steps away. Only this time it's better than before because they have four trucks instead of two and have added more vareity to their rotation. And at last I got to try the sexy Voodoo Van, with it's bad-ass black truck and punk-rock inspired menu - or as they like to call it, Cosmic American Cuisine.

Founded by Phil Stefani, lead guitarist of the local rock-n-roll band Flexx Bronco, Voodoo Van serves up American comfort food, kicked-up a notch. He is running the truck alongside band member Guy Thunderbird and chef Seth Stowaway. Their menu is edgy, fun and was created with the idea that they could bring the food truck to music venues. It's a perfect idea to me; there has been many a night where I finished up drinking and just wanted some quick tasty food.

One glance at the menu and you'll notice their names are well, a bit naughty. You'll find the Skirtlifter (steak), the Mister Sister (seitan) and my choice du jour - the Cocksman (braised chicken). Since it's been about a month since I have eaten at a food truck, this was my welcome back lunch so to speak. I made a very, very good choice, and since after I ordered I had a million puns running through my head, I'm just going to get them out of the way now.

This sandwich was so big it barely fit in my mouth! 

The taste was simply orgasmic! 

The sauce was velvety and creamy! 

Ok, now I feel better.

First off, I loved the vibe of the truck and of the staff. I believe it was Guy who took my order, and he almost convinced me to add the fried green beans, a.k.a. Voodoo Styx to my lunch. I'll admit, I did really want them, but I was trying not to overeat. (Next time, I promise!). Instead I paired the Cocksman with a cucumber soda from Sodacraft, which was amazing. It even inspired me to make my own dill pickle soda that evening.

Voodoo Van's motto is "No Forks, No Knives, No Mercy!" I did try to fully embrace this, but halfway through my Cocksman chicken sando I accepted the fact that I am lame and got myself a plate and some utensils so I wouldn’t spill all over myself at my work desk. This sandwich is huge! I usually have a food scale in my purse, and I wish I had it today because I swear it felt like I was holding a pound of food.

My Cocksman consisted of braised pulled chicken, piled high on a ciabatta roll and topped with a cabbage cole slaw and a hint of mayonnaise. The chicken was tossed in a honey, lime and chipotle sauce which was both sweet and spicy at the same time. I really dug all of the textures in my sandwich, the soft chicken, the lightly crisped buttery roll and the crunchy cole slaw. My chicken, which continually spilled out onto my plate (Voodoo did say it was messy), was super tender and juicy, with just the right amount of seasonings and salt. The bun soaked up all of the sauces like a charm.

Looking back, I bet my sandwich would have gone great with a beer, and I should have grabbed one from the keg at work. Doh! It was that kind of a down-home, hearty, comfort food meal. I enjoyed it so much I promptly told one of my colleagues that he needed to run right down and get one before they were sold out. It kept me full the entire afternoon, and I continually thought about how good my sandwich was throughout the day. My advice:  go get your prowess on and sink your teeth into this sando!

Rating: 4.5/5 (ratings guide)

Voodoo Van (@voodoovan) $9.00 per sandwich


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