Monday, September 2, 2013

Cheese Gone Wild - Legion of Honor

When lunchtime rolled around and I realized that the small bowl of gazpacho I had brought wasn't going to be enough, there was only one thing on my mind – I needed a sandwich. Lucky for me Cheese Gone Wild was by my work that day, and I knew I had found my perfect soup accompaniment. I decided to keep it simple to enjoy the flavors of both dishes and I chose the classic grilled cheese called the Legion of Honor. What a great choice!

 First off, this sandwich is a bargain at $5.00! I expected for that cheap of a price to be a small, a la carte bite, but no, it comes with their standard fare of cold slaw and Kettle chips. You can customize the Legion of Honor in a few ways: first you have your choice of cheese between Cheddar, Gruyere, Swiss or Provolone. I couldn't decide so I asked them to just do a combo and give me their best mixture. You can also add bacon for an extra $1.00 or fresh sliced tomatoes for free. Since I was keeping with Meatless Monday I forwent the bacon, but I did choose to add sliced tomatoes and was pretty stoked that it wasn't going to cost be a penny more. Their menu states that you also have a choice between white or wheat bread, but after I ordered I was asked if sourdough was okay and to me that was even a better option. In less than 5 minutes my sandwich was in hand and again, it cost me only $5.00. That's today's bargain!

My sandwich was gooey, buttery, crispy and all-around delicious. It just melted in my mouth! I am not sure of what combination of cheese they used (maybe Cheddar and Gruyere) but whatever it was it was yummy. What I liked most was the ratio of cheese to bread. Each bite had a fair amount of cheese, but it wasn't too much to be over indulgent. The tomatoes were juicy and fresh and full of flavor and considering it's tomato season here in CA, an overall good choice to add in. I also appreciated that even after I let my sandwich sit for a while, it was still just as tasty. The bread never got soggy or chewy, and the cheese didn't develop any weird texture issues. The cole slaw is made with yogurt and shredded cabbage and had a light sweet flavor that came from the dried cranberries. It was a great summer side dish.

I grazed on my grilled cheese, sipped my gazpacho and had a very enjoyable lunch.

Rating 4.0/5.0 (ratings guide)
Cheese Gone Wild (@cheesegonewild), $5.00 per sandwich

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