About Us

San Francisco is home to some of the most innovative cuisine in the world, and it's not just happening in restaurants. From Ferry Building stalls to Japanese snack carts to rotisserie trucks, there is a whole world of mobile eating packed into 46.7 square miles, and that is just the city alone. Factor in the East Bay, Marin, South Bay and the Peninsula and we have our own microcosm of gourmet food trucks.

And we want to sample it all.

Come join us on our dining adventures though the mobile food revolution by the Bay as we chase down trucks and find out more about how Fog City does the new fast food. We hope that if you enjoy reading about the food we have enjoyed, you too will go out and experience it for yourselves.

The Staff

Liz Chui, Co-founder & Managing Editor

Liz received her journalism degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, but her real love of food started when she moved to California. Subsequent to graduating, she further studied Accounting and now spends her days working as a Director in the Financial Services industry in the Financial District/North Beach area. Being in the heart of the city means she has easy access to many food trucks and is in the center of the mobile gourmet action. You can find her roaming the streets with her digital camera in hand, sampling food and getting to know both vendors and customers.

A lover of street food and writing, Liz started this website to give her an opportunity to explore both.

Liz loves to get email from readers. Reach her at liz at ileftmycartinsf dot net.

Brian Chui, Co-founder & Editor

Brian is a UC Berkeley graduate in Mass Communications and an avid home cook. After realizing that he was never going to make it with his own food truck, he decided to write about them, instead.

An IT professional by day, he handles all the technical aspects of the website and keeps abreast of all the latest happenings in Streetfoodland.

For technical matters or other suggestions, contact him at brian at ileftmycartinsf dot net.