Ratings Guide

5 - It's one of the dishes I'm going to put on my lifetime Top Ten list. It's not only the cherry on top of the sundae, but the fudge, the sprinkles, and the little sprig of mint, too. It makes me wonder why that truck bothers to sell anything but this dish.

4 - Nearly flawless. It's excellent in all areas and still has me thinking about it the next morning. It's my new default dish from that truck. I would think twice before letting someone else try a bite and leave me with less.

3 - A great dish. It's tasty enough to come back to time and again, but there's just the one little thing that keeps it from being truly stellar. I would gladly share it with my dining companion or tell the person behind me in line to order it.

2 - OK, so maybe I didn't finish all of it, but I tried to. There are a few flaws that kept me from really enjoying the dish, but the potential is there. I still have faith that the truck can pull it out with another dish or another chance. With a few more tweaks I'll be recommending it to all of my friends.

1 - There is nothing unique or skillfully done about this dish. Or something just went wrong that day and things got a bit messed up. The positive: at least I got a chance to try this dish before it gets dropped from the menu or recreated in another form.